Relationship Fail: You Are My Cute, Little, Adorkable Sunshine

sunshine emoticons
Buzz, Love

There are enough emoticons here to make a unicorn sick.

If your friends on Facebook and Twitter keep asking how old you are, you may want to reconsider your use of emoticons, winkies, smiley faces and beating heart icons in your updates. The days of Lisa Frank cuteness are over, toots. It's time to grow up and accept the boring lines and Excel spreadsheets of adulthood.

But, bless her heart, this one Twitter user just can't let go. She's going to use those adorkable little GIFs until her 140 characters run out for good. And you can't stop her.

We're curious, does Siri recognize that contact in her phone as "My Man... heart ...heart ... heart"? How annoying. 

But, it's not quite as annoying as the cheesy text from this girl's boyfriend that she felt the need to share in a public forum. If she was going to Tweet it, she should of at least given him a chance to make the correction of "sky's" to "skies," and "miss you" to "love you." 

If you're going to go to this extreme of humiliation, you should at least get the song right. Relationship Fail: Let's Have Frequent Flyer Sex At The Airport

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