Friday Love Trivia: 5 Facts You Didn't Know About Divorce

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Love, Heartbreak

Play this week's Friday Love Trivia and answer questions about divorce.

Guess what? It's most definitely time for our weekly Friday Love Trivia, where we pick out the juiciest love and relationship statistics from our fabulous Love-o-Matic fact generator — and pick our readers' brains (don't worry, not in that zombie-like way).

This week's factoids are about divorce, since today we learned the VERY SAD (dripping with sarcasm) news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' split. Katie, we've been telling you to run for way too long.

Here's how the game works: Guess the answers in the comments. No peeking! Then see if you got the answer right by clicking on each "Love Fact." If you get them all right, you won't have to join a Scientology cult. Sound good? Let's get started.

1. Which medical professionals have the highest divorce rate? Love Fact

2. Between 1970 and 1990, by how many times did the number of marriage therapists in the U.S. increase? Love Fact

3. What percentage of women say they've considered leaving their marriage? Love Fact

4. What percentage of married couples will divorce within five years? What about within 10 years? Love Fact

5. What percentage of married men has had at least one sexual encounter with another male? Love Fact

Check out more love facts on Love-o-Matic.

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