8 Recipes For A Romantic Fourth Of July Cookout

Romantic Fourth Of July
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Ditch the cliché burgers and hot dogs and celebrate America's birthday with something different!

Whether you're hosting or attending a Fourth of July celebration, there's one question that will most definitely be on your mind on the days leading up to this fun-filled, summer holiday: What food should I make?

Hot dogs, burgers, chips and pasta salad will probably be your initial ideas. Although you can't go wrong with a juicy, grilled burger and some fries on a hot summer day, these options are just way too predictable. 

Go the extra mile this year and surprise your guests or host with a creative, mouthwatering dish that will leave everyone satisfied. And as for your man? There is a very good chance he'll go all Katy Perry on you and tell you that, "Baby you're a firework."

After all, there's no better way to celebrate America's birthday than to declare your independence from the bland, boring dishes you're used to!

Need some inspiration? Our photo gallery, courtesy of the Facebook app Foodily.com, will do just that.

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