Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: More Than "Friends With Benefits?"

Mila Kunis Ted Premiere

Rumor has it Mila and Ashton's fling has turned into a legitimate relationship.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher worked together on That '70s Show, have the same goofy personality and even star in the same type of films (Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached, anyone?). So, we guess it's no shock that according to Us Weekly, the two attractive celebrities have decided to get together.

Or have they?

Up until now there hasn't been much evidence to support this notion besides some photos here and there of the two out together. And, as we all know in Hollywood, if you're seen out together, you're TOTES hooking up. But recently, the stakes were raised via Life & Style when onlookers witnessed the duo at the extremely romantic and upscale restaurant known as Giorgio Baldi in L.A. Playing Matchmaker: 3 Guys Mila Kunis Should Date

"Mila and Ashton looked very close, like a couple, and the mood was relaxed," an eyewitness says. "They really stood out. It's one of the most romantic places you can take a girl."

And, being the Romeo that Ashton is, the night didn't stop there!

"They ordered wine," the eyewitness tells Life & Style. "He looked really into her. He didn't take his eyes off her once. He was totally focused and kind of fussed over her. You could tell he really likes her. It was cute. She was all dolled up. It's very obvious that they're dating and are really into each other. Friends don't have Saturday-night dinner dates at Giorgio Baldi!"

The real question to me is, do we—as fans or just people who love celeb gossip—like these two together? Personally, I'm a bit torn. I love Mila, but still dislike Ashton for what he did to Demi Moore. I'm nervous that he's either going to hurt Mila despite the tough cookie she is or I'm going to subconsciously start to dislike her because she's hanging around Ashton. Oh, the worries! What's a girl to do? Mila Kunis Finds The Idea Of Dating Ashton Kutcher "Absurd"

However, it is somewhat cute that the two have apparently found each other after years of working together. Here's hoping that this is one groovy relationship and not like the deranged love they shared on-screen as Jackie and Kelso.

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