Love Bytes: 10 Types Of Men You Will Regret Dating

Plus, why we find our friends hotter than strangers.

Physically, there are very few of us who aren't somehow imperfect, especially as we're programmed to find symmetry attractive. However, being easy to get along with actually makes someone easier on the eyes. Research shows that your friends appear hotter to you than any old joker you meet on the street. (YouBeauty)

"No, these pants aren't made of mirrors, and I sure as ship can't see you in them." What do you say to a guy who's using a lame pick-up line on you? (Madame Noire)

Norwegian men really should start using condoms. Really. (Huffington Post)

Spin Control Alert: NOW John Travolta wants to talk about his relationship with Kelly Preston. (TooFab)

In order to get a spousal green card, there are a few things you should know about your citizen fiancé. Do you know this stuff about yours (TresSugar)

There are 10 types of fellas you will regret dating. For real. (The Stir)

According to a bunch of scientists (who probably own nightclubs), you're just as likely to meet someone worthwhile in a bar as you are dating online. (Huffington Post)

Are there now new rules to drinking while you're pregnant? (Parenting)

India has just become the champagne room for those under 18, as they've outlawed sex for youngins. (Gurl.com)

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