Katy Perry Opens Up, Says Divorce Caused Her Many Tears

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No one likes to cry at work, but it happens to the best of us. Yet, imagine how much worse it would be when work means performing in front of thousands of strangers with all of their eyes on you?

This is precisely what Katy Perry was forced to deal with following her tough split and divorce from husband Russell Brand. 5 Reasons Russell Brand & Katy Perry's Divorce Was Inevitable

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 27-year-old singer was in dire straits during her most recent California Dreams tour. Perry admits that even though she was able to go on stage, sing and appear as if everything was okay, the truth is she was often crying in the wings just before going on.

"There were times when what was going on in my personal life was so overwhelming that I had to bend over to let those tears fall straight out of my eyes and not my false lashes just as I'm about to go up on that ramp and sing 'Teenage Dream'," Perry tells the magazine. Did Faith Play A Role In Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Split?

Most of the tour was documented and will appear in the forthcoming film: Katy Perry: Part of Me. Perry helped produce the film and wanted part of the movie to show her coping with what was happening in her personal life at the time. The singer admits that while she was in the painful midst of a failing marriage, she wouldn't have been too keen on exposing herself in such a vulnerable state.

But, after combating her heartbreak while also pulling off one of the most successful tours to date (selling out every night and grossing almost $60 million), Katy likely wanted to share her experience to illustrate that one can achieve high feats even in the face of great heartbreak.

Katy and Russell met in 2009 and married in late 2010. They filed for divorce 14 months later.

Despite some honest moments in her forthcoming documentary, don't expect a full view inside the breakup of Russell and Katy. The pop princess says: "Nobody knows what really happened except the two people who are in it." She also says she approached the private issue with "class and truth" for the film.

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