Is Blake Lively Awkward In Bed?

Blake Lively in savages
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Taylor Kitsch admits that the sex scenes with Blake Lively were rather "awkward."

While most men would consider filming a sex scene with a gorgeous blonde actress to be one of their best days ever, Taylor Kitsch just wanted it to end.

The Friday Night Lights Canadian actor told People that filming the sex scenes in the crime-thriller Savages (out July 6) was not a delightful experience. We're a little puzzled—it was with Blake Lively! How can that not be delightful?

"It's very awkward to do, you know, and I was just glad it was over with, to be honest," Kitsch said about the steamy scenes with Lively. "And it's such a big part of (my character) and who he is, and that's how you meet him. So it's a pretty intense reveal, no pun intended." Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Buy A Country Love Nest In New York

While he continues to explain that their wasn't time for him and Lively to get to know each other, we wonder, what the heck is he talking about? Is it just us, or do you think this is strange?

"A lot of sexual improv was going on there," he said. "God knows we had two weeks of rehearsal, so we talked until we were about to pass out, and then (we shot the sex scenes) on the day I think I knew Blake three days … four days maybe."

So, men out there, would four days be enough for you to prepare to film an up-close-and-personal scene with the blonde bombshell?

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