Relationship Fail: Win The Lotto ... And The Prize Is Me!

lottery ticket
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The odds of this lottery are definitely in your favor. But, do you WANT to win?

We bought our first lottery ticket a few months ago when the jackpot was close to $315 million. We won two dollars. It was disappointing, as the lottery usually is – you start to fantasize about what you would do with that much money, but in the back of your head you know your chances are impossibly slim.

Not so with this lottery! In fact, any guy from Foxboro, MA has a great chance of winning. The problem is, will he want to enter if the prize is a dinner date with a woman he's never met before?

We're all for ladies having confidence (it's the sexiest thing, right?), but creating a "lottery" where the prize is you is taking things to Conceitedville, population one. Something about the phrase "raffle myself off" just seems wrong (and dangerously close to illegal territory, if you catch our drift). Relationship Fail: Let's Have Frequent Flyer Sex At The Airport

Also, relating potential suitors to inanimate objects like cars will not win you many points. Who says you're the "ferrari" of Foxboro, little miss? And if the winner really does follow through and meet you for dinner, are you going to make him pay? Yes, yes you will.

Fellas, this date is sponsored by a vain individual and is subject to rules and regulations, none of which you will like. Enter at your own risk.

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