7 Easy Tips To Get A Sexy, Toned Beach Bod Like The Stars

beach body like the stars
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Get in killer shape just like your fave celebs with these tips from a trainer and physiotherapist.

The official start of summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: bikini season!

Stars including Miley Cyrus, Naya Rivera and Vanessa Hudgens have already flaunted their fit figures in two-pieces (Check out the photos here). Here are 7 simple tips from Les Mills trainer Steven Renata and physiotherapist Bryce Hastings on how to tackle those tough-to-tone areas—your abs and your butt—before slipping into your swimsuit or swim trunks. Because let's face it, guys want to look good too!

1. First, think of your fitness routines as a form of recreation. For example, BODYPUMP® by Les Mills works because it is a hard but fun workout. The music and choreography, which changes every three months, will rock your fitness routine into shape.

2. Your workout regime should include cardio to shed fat, then strength training to sculpt lean muscle. In BODYPUMP® you will average 800 reps! That's more than four times what the average person can do in a gym workout and it pushes your body to shed fat while focusing on all major muscle groups by using the best weight exercises: squats, presses, lifts, and curls.

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