A-List Links: 10 New Celebs Who'll Be Celebrating Father's Day

Jay-Z with Blue Ivy Carter
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Plus, Jennifer Love Hewitt shares her happy ending and George Clooney takes his gal for a ride.

Jay-Z isn't the only new dad in Hollywood who will be celebrating his first Father's Day this year. Other stars like Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Grant and more will be fawned over for being great parents! Check out the full list of new celebrity dads here: (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Kourtney Kardashian caused quite the stir last night when she tweeted something about "chik-fil-a and a water birth." Did she give birth to her daughter? No. Then why the water birth? She explains: (TooFab)

Yikes! These poor stars have suffered major wardrobe malfunctions, especially when they turned to the side! Welcome to CollegeCandy's prestigious Sideboob photo gallery. (CollegeCandy)

That Stacy Keibler is one lucky chick. George Clooney's main squeeze was spotted on the back of his motorcycle as they cruised through Lake Como, Italy looking totally badass. Must be tough... (Uinterview)

The dashing Leonardo DiCaprio has been honored with yet another wax figure made to look exactly like him. Isn't it great that we live in a world where there are duplicates of all these amazingly handsome heartthrobs? (So what if they're not alive!) (TresSugar)

Sure she loves Carrie Bradshaw and vajazzling, but there's a lot more to Jennifer Love Hewitt than she lets on... or so she says in this new interview with The Daily Beast. See what the actress has to say about her "happy ending," wearing lingerie and more: (TheDailyBeast)

After a very brief split, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara is back together with Nick Loeb. But is the businessman secretly going behind Sofia's back for sex orgies and drugs? (Latina)

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