Love Bytes: Guess You Can't Say 'Vagina' In Michigan

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Plus, the worst dads in the animal kingdom.

Sure, there's usually some sex in the woods. Sometimes a little violence gets the old libido poppin'. And, of course, it gives a man a reason to put his paws on you when you jump. But do you know why you REALLY like watching horror movies with your boo? (YouBeauty)

Mark Twain once said, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." But you can generally convince a naked guy to answer any question you ask. A new video series from our buddies: (Gurl)

With Father's Day coming, you should know about the worst father's the animal kingdom has to offer. No Lohans were humiliated making this list. (Huffington Post)

I guess you can't say "vagina" in Michigan when talking about abortion. And, as a courtesy, you should avoid saying "cooch," "schlong" or "Ohio State football rules." (The Daily Beast)

Sex toys for couples? Win one right HERE: (Em & Lo)

Again, just because a gal likes the old in-n-out doesn't make her a slut. Note: I'm not sure anyone worth listening to is actively implying that. (CollegeCandy)

What's easier: going from booty call to a relationship OR from ho to housewife? (TresSugar)

You'd think that losing a guy forever would be pretty easy but here are 15 ways that could help. (Good Men Project)

And Tracy McMillan really wants you to know why you can find and marry the man of your dreams with just a smidge of help from her new book. (Glo)

5 ways to get pregnant NOW. Step one, as always, is smooth jazz. (Parenting)

8 things stopping you from having sex tonight. If you're a guy over 30, it could just be a morning and afternoon wank. (The Stir)

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