I Am Superwoman


She juggles her career, family, friends,& activities and still makes time for her. Or does she?

We all know this woman. Some of us are THIS woman. She is fearless! She takes on every task presented to her.

I am all too familiar with this woman because I am her!

I got married at 21 and you couldn’t tell me I couldn’t have it all. I was that woman walking down the street in a business suit with a briefcase in one hand, a kids hand in the other, purse and diaper bag on my shoulder, and talking on the phone setting appointments as I head to the office. I believed in my heart I could successfully juggle everything. My husband adored it. He married Superwoman!I proudly donned the 'S' on my chest!

Boy did reality slap me right across my face. The briefcase slipped out my hand and its contents blew down the street, the baby started crying, and my cell phone kept dropping the call after I’d already been on hold for 20 minutes. Geeesh!

I had to realistically examine my life to realize, in trying to be Superwoman, I was causing more harm to my family and especially to my sanity. After I got divorced (read Married to Him (http://www.sennysen.com/married-to-him)to get that story), I found myself as a single mother with 2 small children and not a lot of people to depend on. Now, I was forced to be Superwoman! I had to juggle everything and figure out how to do it succesfully. I learned again, this is far from reality.

So what did I do? I took a deep breath, exhaled, then assessed my situation. I had to realize that it’s ok. I don’t, can’t, and shouldn’t attempt to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
So I started....

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