Love Bytes: How To Plan A 100-Guest Wedding For $4,000

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Plus, 11 signs he really wants you.

The average wedding has 100 guests or so. The average U.S. wedding runs around $28K. But, evidently, one young lady made a 100-guest wedding happen for less than $4,000. You can't even get a 2001 Kia for that kind of jing. (LearnVest)

Hopefully, one of their guests brought one of these 10 geeky wedding gifts. (Mashable)

Father's Day is coming up FAST. Here are 10 great gadgets for dads 'n' grads. (Tecca)

Should you ditch your therapist for a psychic? (Glo)

My buddy Ethan Fixell answers a biggie: do guys REALLY care how many dudes you've had sex with? (Gurl.com)

Another reason why I'm over Sweden. A Swedish political party wants men to sit to pee. (Huffington Post)

How do you bring up your sexual history to your doctor? (YouBeauty)

Gay parents vs. straight parents: Who is really better? (The Daily Beast)

11 signs that he's got it bad for you. (CollegeCandy)

Is Fifty Shades Of Grey boosting the sale of vibrators? (TresSugar)

And, how long should you wait before doing the deed? Doing the dew? Doing the nasty? Doing the intercourse? In a new relationship. (The Stir)

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