Relationship Fail: Let's Have Frequent Flyer Sex At The Airport

departure sign airport
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What traveler can resist this perk? Um... we can, and very easily.

Airports are awful these days. They're crowded with people who aren't sure where they need to go and don't understand that you need to take your shoes off while going through security. And don't even get us started on the creepy pat-downs from complete strangers who get to do so because they're wearing uniforms...

Needless to say, the airport is a less-than-stellar atmosphere to be stuck in for hours on end when your flight is delayed. Your only refuge is the bar, where you can get rip-roaring drunkity drunk drunk. Or, if you're this guy from Miami, you can have a quickie with a fellow straggler!

Our ideas for private areas to get down include the bathroom, behind an abandoned terminal's front desk or in bed when you finally get to wherever you're going to because you should be able to wait a few hours to get it in, buddy. Relationship Fail: Get Ready For Our Date In The Mud!

Besides, what can you even call a hookup at the airport? It's not the "mile high club" – more like a "lame layover lay."

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