Pat and Mary Save Their Marriage: John & Abigail Adams


Video Series/blog about solving modern marriage problems with help from history's great love stories

We're a couple. We've been married for a long time at this point. And at a certain point, we started to ask ourselves why our marriage didn't feel like the epic love story we thought it was going to be.

So we started to look at some real life epic love stories. We started a blog for them at, and we started to try to take their lessons and apply them to real life.

You know what we found out? A lot of these love stories are really tragic. I mean, suicides, plagues, beheadings. It doesn't mean that we can't learn anything from them, it's just - wow is that what you need for an epic love story?

And then, there's John & Abigail Adams. They may be the most exciting stable couple in history. And you know why? Because they knew how to talk to each other. Or at least, write to each other.

Have a look and see what we learned from them: