Think Childhood Prostitution Is Despicable?

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Donate to More Than Me on June 13 to help combat childhood prostitution in Liberia, Africa.

Sometimes, life is all about perspective.

Sure, it's tough for some parents to race child one to soccer practice while still dropping child two off at piano lessons on time, but families find time to do it; mostly with minimal complaints. Sure, it's heartbreaking when a boyfriend breaks up with you — but at some point you move on, hopefully gaining strength through the experience.

But some people have bigger problems. 

Nonprofit organization More Than Me aims to eliminate one such problem in West Point, Liberia — childhood prostitution. Their goal is to get the young girls in that region off the streets and into schools; often in West Point, little girls are living on the streets by age 10 and prostituting themselves for survival. 

More Than Me has spent the last three years raising money to pay tuition for these girls, as well as covering additional schooling costs like supplies and lunch. Now, their latest project involves the building and launch of a girls' academy which will double as a safe place in the evening. The goal is for the newest establishment to provide support, recreational activities and vocational training.

On June 13, GlobalGiving will host a match day event for More Than Me, meaning the organization will match 50 percent of whatever donations are received that day, to contribute toward the girls' academy. The goal is to get at least 1,000 people to donate $25. We encourage you to donate what you can and help make a difference in these girls' lives — spread the love!

To donate, go to on June 13. Gaining a bit of perspective — and, ultimately, changing a life — is that simple.  

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