Couple Challenge: How Do You Go About Finding A New Church?

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One writer learns patience on the long road to finding a church home in a new city.

My friends, Andrea and Tony, recently made the move to a new city—my hometown, to be exact. They made the move for Andrea to complete her doctorate. She was blessed with a full fellowship to attend one of the local universities to do her research. Tony has a pretty flexible job, so they were able to do this without a whole lot of occupational strain on his end. Talk about being where God wants you.

When I sat down with Andrea and Tony in June of last year, just after they moved in, the subject of finding a church home came up. As we were talking, something stood out to me. They didn't want a "list of criteria" to get in their way of finding a church: The right balance of hymns and new, praise songs; a church who always sings the doxology; a place that has bi-weekly communion instead of a quarterly schedule… These were not big concerns. The main thing they wanted was to be sure the church taught from the Bible. They didn't care about the denomination, just as long as it was Gospel-based and Christ-centered. The Church Convinced Me Not To Have Sex

Well, I thought, there are many Christian denominations and places in town to choose from: Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Church of Christ, and the list goes on and on from there. I mentioned all the local, big-named churches that they could attend, even the church I grew up in. And as we talked, Andrea and Tony soaked up all that information. After the conversation ended, they continued to actively seek the right option. And then, they prayed.

They prayed for God to give them direction. And, after patiently waiting, in just a few weeks time Tony and Andrea were settled in a church nearby, attended by one of their good friends. Tony is now involved in their praise-and-worship band and their youth ministry. Sometimes it takes a small invitation from a friend, a little bit of patience and a whole lot of prayer to find the place where God wants you to be. How To Add Prayer to Your Marriage Toolbox

Ironically enough, my husband and I are now in the same relationship phase Tony and Andrea were in. We are still newly married. We are moving. We are looking for advice. We are praying. And we are trying to employ their method of thinking.

Making a move across the country, or even a couple hours away can be a pretty daunting task. There are so many things to consider: whether to buy or rent a house, the quality of schools and daycares, doctors and dentists, and my biggest task right now, Andrea and Tony's previous assignment: finding the right church for my husband and me. Read on...

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