Love Bytes: 13 Signs He Would Be A Terrible Boyfriend

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Plus, 18 things that make dating better & 7 steps to sexing up your bedroom.

We all have that one really, really honest friend who freely admits that he (once in awhile it's a she) doesn't pull his (or her) weight. That person's candid laziness is sort of a refreshing revelation. But the rest of us think that we're pulling 70 percent of the weight, 90 percent of the time (for a total of 63 percent). Here are 7 signs you're giving too much in your relationship. (Madame Noire)

He didn't want to get married, so she choked him. I can't wait to see what happens if she wants a kid... (Huffington Post)

The Vatican has banned a book on female masturbation. Technically, no one is spilling seed on the ground, your holiness. (The Daily Beast)

More about the nationally acclaimed masterpiece 50 Shades Of Grey. (YouBeauty)

Taylor Swift is totes bummed that John Mayer wrote that song in response to her song about him. I hope this isn't a repeat of the epic battle between B.I.G. and Pac. (TooFab)

Is your guy becoming your bestie? Is that a good thing? (TresSugar)

Want a super-sexy bedroom in 7 easy moves? (Latina)

13 signs he would make a TERRIBLE boyfriend. (The Frisky)

Seriously, do you want to attract a partner or not? The serious way to do it. (eHarmony)

18 little nuggets of wisdom that will make dating better. (The Stir)

Do not say ANY of these things to a bride. Honorable mention: Your sister wore that gown more comfortably. (Glo)

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