Don't Think Like A Man

Love, Self

"Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady"; why this isn't a good mindset.

Yes, we love to hear the male’s perspective on women and how we can improve ourselves but going to such drastic measures as trying to think like a man is a recipe for disaster. This disastrous thought process will create a huge confusing ball of mess. Women! My ladies! Let me talk to you woman to woman about thinking like a man. We need to embrace our femininity and remain confident in it. There is nothing wrong with being emotional or soft or being empathetic or using your heart. These are the lovely differences that set us apart and add value to being woman. When we try to emulate men we are doing ourselves a HUGE disservice. There are certain definites that we accept and embrace from men such as the thrill of the chase. So if we think like a man that implies that we too begin to enjoy the chase. Huh! Since when was it ok for women to chase men!?! I mean you can do it but from what I’ve heard the results are overwhelmingly NOT in our favor.

Men, by nature, are aggressive, logical, not nurturing, etc., etc.,. Do we really want to THINK like them? I don’t think so. Instead we should simply love being, thinking, acting like the wonderful glamorous WOMEN that we are!

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