How to NOT Jump the Gun on Anti-Aging


Getting older isn't fun but jumping on the anti-aging bandwagon too soon could harm more than help.

More than ever before women (and men) are learning how to take better care of themselves. From hitting the gym to making major lifestyle changes, it seems everyone wants to make sure they age gracefully and lead longer, more active lives. While there's nothing wrong with setting and accomplishing such goals, sometimes the desire to age gracefully can lead some individuals to go a bit overboard.

Women are especially prone to throwing themselves at anything that promises a more youthful complexion. It's no secret that the anti-aging industry in particular makes billions of dollars each year with its abundance of serums, anti wrinkle cream, tonics and other related items, designed to target problem areas that tend to crop up with age. While many of these items do produce favorable results, it is important that women know when is the appropriate time to use such products.

Why would using anti-aging products be a problem? For one thing, it's the ingredients. Anti-aging products are infused with potent ingredients that are formulated for what is know as "mature skin." This basically translates to skin that has already experienced signs of aging. If you're in your 20s and 30s, you don't have "mature skin." Applying such potent ingredients with high concentrations could result in a negative reaction that could include damaging, inflaming or upsetting the skin or suffering from a rash.

Some women may rationalize using anti-aging products while they're young along these lines:

"If I use an anti-aging product now, it will prevent me from developing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots."

Oh, if only it were that easy! Nothing so far as been proven to prevent any sign of aging altogether. However, it is possible to control how fast your skin ages over the years...the sooner you take care of your complexion, the less effort will be required on your end once you actually reach "mature skin" status.

Hands down the best way to make sure that you age at your best is to practice daily skin care. Like preventative medicine, being diligent about what you put on your complexion and how often is the key to prepping your skin for the inevitable signs of aging.

Also choose wisely when it comes to your skin care products. If you're a woman that hasn't quite reached the status of mature skin:

- Reach for a moisturizing eye cream instead of a potent anti wrinkle cream

- Purchase a facial moisturizer that contains SPF already built into the formula

- Consider cleansers that are clearly labeled for your skin type

See how easy that is? Sometimes it really is just that simple. Implement these items into a daily routine (once in the morning and once at night) and stick to it and you'll be able to make the transition into the mature skin phase without needing half of the anti-aging products that come with the territory.