So you think you are too fat or old for dating? Let's fix it!


Did you know there is a smarter way of being a woman and girlfriend? The Ninja Wife way!

Well, both are wrong and you know it, let’s see why:


So you think you are too fat!

Do you postpone your life and keep thinking: I have to lose weight, I can’t buy this dress. I have to lose weight before I can feel confident with men. I have to lose weight before I can start smiling and attracting men into my life.

Do you always feel inadequate, too fat and too self-conscious? What if you could use all this energy you are using to beat yourself up about these 3-10-15 even 50kg and create your life?

You never have to lose weight to be beautiful, attractive and charming. Marilyn Monroe, one of the most attractive and charming women alive, was a size 14! So become great friends with your body - it’s going to be with you through the good times and the bad times, till the day you die. It is your body even if you keep refusing it so vigorously.

Will you have different body tomorrow? Can you change it overnight? No.

So just live with it. Pamper it and love it.

It could be worse; it could always be 10kg more. Sit down and write down all the things you are missing out on because you are “too fat”.

Are you missing out because you are too fat or because you are beating yourself up? I am sure that if you are seriously overweight, you might have only a couple of things on the list you can’t do because you are overweight. Everything else on the list will be due to the fact that you put yourself in this cage of thinking that only weight matters.

Who cares about the numbers on scales? It is all arbitrary! Everybody will care if you are rude or grumpy all the time or too self-conscious but nobody will care if your weight is 65kg or 75kg for that matter. Yes, you will feel better if you lose some weight, but you will also feel better if you treat yourself and your body with respect.

If you dress up this body, if you pamper this body and give it a lot of love and care, it will respond with radiance. Radiance is much more attractive than lost kilos.

Remember that you are always beautiful, always!


So you think you are too old!

Corny, but it is never too late. The real woman is never too old. Elizabth Taylor has married Fortensky when she was 59.

Recently, Duchess of Alba has married aged 85 though her ceremony was a little bit spoiled because the papers re-published her topless photo from 30 years ago (note, she was 55 at the time). I hope when I am 55, I will be same confident to bare up for a magazine and magazine will send a photographer for a photo-shoot in a culture so obsessed with teenager girls.

I will never forget a lady from my home town who at 68 married a French man and left to live with him in a castle not far away from Paris.

These are amazing women but who said that we cannot be amazing?

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