Love Bytes: 6 Sexy & Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas!

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Plus, how one woman's boyfriend helped her get her financial act together.

"Summer breeze makes me feel fine…" While no season is particularly terrible for dating, summer just feels like a super fun time to get to know someone new. But dating during the summer can get spendy. Here are some largely inexpensive ideas for having fun fun fun in the sun. (eHarmony)

Her boyfriend inspired her to get her financial act together. (LearnVest)

Sluts… as teachers? 10 lessons from promiscuous broads. (HowAboutWe)

Stolen: one golden vibrator. (Huffington Post)

Do not get back together with your ex. (CollegeCandy)

What's the best way to Silkwood shower yourself after a crummy date? (BadOnlineDates)

Caroline Manzo, of Real Housewives fame, gives advice about whether or not you should snitch on a cheating relative. (Glo)

Not to be outshined, Carole Radziwill (also of Real Housewives shame) has some dating advice for you widows out there. (The Daily Beast)

What, are we on the streets of New Delhi now? Cows are having sex on our highways, people... (Huffington Post)

Why doesn't she want to be with the "perfect guy"? It could be self-loathing… or gaydar. (Betty Confidential)

Most of you don't have to worry about this, but here are 12 ways your prom could go off the rails. (TheFW)

And, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is now best remembered for a filmed orgy. (GuySpeed)

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