How to Dress & Feel Sexy without Revealing it All


You do not have to bare a lot of skin to feel sexy..

Post contributed by Tammy Warner, on behalf of

Although magazines and Hollywood blockbusters may lead you to believe differently, you do not have to bare a lot of skin to be sexy. In fact, a lot of the sexiest women exude sex appeal through their demeanor, not skimpy clothes. It’s not what they show off that makes them sexy – it’s what they don’t reveal.

Here are five tips for dressing and feeling sexy without revealing it all.


  • Wear outfits that are neither too tight nor too loose. 

Great clothes should glide against your curves. All too often, women go with an outfit that is either incredibly tight or so loose that it completely disguises their figure. Choose something that’s comfortably in the middle. That way, you can hint at what a great body you have, rather than boldly advertising it.


  • Play up one great feature. 

It’s sexy to leave something to the imagination. That applies to how tight an outfit is, as well as its cut. Some women think they need to expose legs, breasts, and arms to turn heads. That’s actually far from the truth. While an incredibly revealing outfit may garner some attention, it could be negative, and many men will struggle to look beyond your skimpy style. 

Playing up just one of your features will turn heads, too, without compromising how classy your outfit appears. For example, show off your legs by wearing a dress long enough to be sophisticated, but short enough to show off your killer calves in a great pair of heels.


  • Wear sexy undergarments.

One way to ramp up your sex appeal is to slip into sexy undergarments before hitting the town. Pick something that makes you feel confident and beautiful. You’ll be sure to project sexiness that not even the most conservative outfit could obscure.


  • Carry yourself with confidence. 

Confidence is sexy. If you’re not feeling confident, learn to fake it. Walk with your neck up straight, your shoulders back, and your eyes squarely forward. Keep your arms uncrossed. Don’t bit your nails. Soon enough, you’ll notice that adopting confident nonverbal habits can transfer over into your mentality. You’ll go from faking confidence to truly being confident. Few things are sexier than that.


  • Play up your best personality traits. 

What do you love about yourself? Are you funny? How about well-versed in current affairs? Perhaps you’re a great listener, and people always seem to want to share their stories with you? You should think about where you shine before the next social event you attend. Then, be sure to play it up when you’re surrounded by company. 

Women are most magnetizing when they’re in their element, playing to their strengths.  Here, they’re comfortable in their skin, confident, and great to be around. Figure out when you’re at your best and you’ll exude sexiness, no matter how little skin you show.

True sexiness is not about tight clothes, sky-high heels, and exposed body parts. Instead, it’s about hinting at your best physical aspects, while winning people over with confidence and charm.