Dating: Is It the Secret to Keeping Your Marriage Fresh?


Continuing to date your spouse throughout your marriage helps alleviate that, and lets you fall back

Any married couple will tell you that being married takes work. It’s not always going to be picnics and roses, and a certain amount of that luster that you first had will begin to fade over time. But I think we’ve all seen that married couple that is still holding hands walking down the street together, even after 30 years of marriage, and the ones that still seem to have that glow about them. What’s their secret? For my husband and me, it’s that we continue to date each other.

1. It gives you a reason to get dressed up – I’ll be the first to admit that when I get home from work every day I change into workout shorts and a t-shirt and throw my hair up. It’s comfortable and if we’re hanging out at home that’s exactly what I want to be. But on date nights I go out of my way to impress my husband and dress up. Getting dressed up for each other makes going out more fun and romantic, it makes us feel like we’re going out on a first date all over again.

2. It forces you to put away the technology – We have a strict no cell phones rule in place during our date night dinners. These days with text messaging and emails going directly to our smartphones it’s easy to get caught up “just checking one text” or “just responding to this one email” and before you know it half of dinner has passed and you’ve barely exchanged three words. Likewise when we’re at home the TV is on and laptops are always within reach. But on date nights we focus on each other and really talk.

3. It’s an excuse to try new places – Every month we switch who plans the date night and anything new is fair game. If there’s a wine festival in town that month you can bet we’ll be there. Swanky new restaurant opening? We break out the fancy clothes and indulge. Opening baseball game? Sold. As long as it’s something different than any of our normal restaurants or places that we frequent, it’s fair game. This means we’re constantly getting to explore and create new memories together.

4. It’s time away from everything else – Meetings, kids, work, hobbies… everything takes a back seat on date night. It’s the one night a month that we are completely selfish with our time and put everything else on the backburner. It’s so easy to let life get in the way sometimes, and it’s nice to have a little breather each month to just relax with each other and not worry about anything else – even if it’s just for a few hours. There’s a reason that you married your spouse: they’re your best friend! But with day to day life it’s far too easy to let that slip away and get into a routine until you wake up one morning realizing that you don’t even remember the last time you and your spouse had a genuine conversation or just laughed together. Continuing to date your spouse throughout your marriage helps alleviate that, and lets you fall back into being a teenager in love again. It keeps things fresh and alive. It keeps thing fun.

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