Did Mark Zuckerberg Skimp On His Bride's Engagement Ring?

Did Mark Zuckerberg Skimp On His Bride's Engagement Ring?

... and does it matter what the Facebook billionaire spent on his bride's bling?

by Chuck Ross for the Good Men Project

I've never thought to defend Mark Zuckerberg. Farmville made that almost impossible. But I'll do it this once. This has nothing to do with Facebook's horrid IPO or its lack of a plan to gin up revenue to support its bloated market capitalization. Instead, I must defend Zuckerberg against a small but vicious pack of hyenas who are accusing him of being a cheapskate.

Intertwined with his company's public debut, the newly minted billionaire married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Their ceremony was modest — it involved a backyard wedding at the medical graduate Chen's home. Cheap Mexican food was served, most likely on paper plates. No honeymoon was embarked on.

But the real headline grabber, picked up by celebrity gossip site TMZ and others, was Zuckerberg's thrift in the ring department. People who are concerned with such things estimate that the ring Zuckerberg bought for his bride cost a measly $25,000 — or a micro-penny swing of Facebook's share price.

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