Study: Is "Gaydar" Real?

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Detecting whether someone is gay or straight may be more accurate when it comes to lesbians.

A long time ago I decided that the term "gaydar" was stupid and even somewhat offensive, but the fact of the matter is, I actually have gaydar and it's pretty damn accurate. It's so accurate that in high school I was able pinpoint the closeted gays, only to receive confirmation of just how right I was shortly after high school ... when they all came out. However, my judgments, (because that's what they were, accurate or not) were mostly based on how these particular students interacted with the rest of our class, because, well, sexual desire isn't exactly the easiest thing to hide.

Scientists decided to do some research on whether "gaydar" is a real thing, or just something we think is real and use to discern our possible chances to get laid when we're in a bar. Apparently it does exist — sort of.

A bunch of students at the University of Washington were shown 100 black-and-white photos of men and women, and asked to guess whether they were gay or straight. As a means to "disguise" all possible dead giveaways (insert a slew of stereotypes here), the subjects in the photos had no makeup, glasses, facial hair or hairstyles. More than 50 percent of the time, the students accurately guessed the sexuality of the subjects in the photos, but what's interesting is that two-thirds of the time they were accurate, it was about the female subjects. So gaydar is mostly a lesbian-related talent?

The students were a lot less "skilled" when shown the photos upside down. You know, because people tend to spend a lot of time being upside down in life, so it's best if the research covers this end of things as well. I meet a lot of guys while hanging upside down from monkey bars on playgrounds. Don't you? 

Do you think you have "gaydar"?

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