Smart woman invests in...


Did you know there is a smarter way of being a woman and girlfriend? The Ninja Wife way!

Why do we invest so much time and money in a career and invest almost next to nothing in finding the right life partner?

We go to school, university, and endless professional development courses to get the right job, yet rely on chance to get the right man. Insane.

It is socially acceptable to think this is just supposed to “happen”. Statistics indicate we are likely to change career 7 times in life, so this endless education is for something that is not going to last even 7 years! (In contrast, we invest nothing close to this time in educating ourselves on the development of relationships, dating and marriage and then expect that we will just “click” with the right man. There will be chemistry and we will “feel” that the man is right.)

I wonder whether a modern woman spends more time researching and planning a 2 week overseas trip than researching and planning her dating life and marriage? Or we have effect of bridezillas whose weddings are so important and all-consuming that their future husbands become unimportant and sometimes even an inconvenience to all the planning and celebrations.

It is your responsibility as a woman to plan, set goals, educate yourself and nurture your relationships in the same way you work on and build your career.

After all, if you marry successfully you will only have to do it once in a lifetime, not 7 times in your working years!

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