How to change your man instantly?


Did you know there is a smarter way of being a woman, wife and mother? The Ninja Wife way!

You have married a wonderful man, you both were so happy on you wedding day, then couple of months later you discovered that he forgets about things that are important for you, he is messy and does not brush teeth first thing in the morning. He gave up his exercise and started gaining weight.
Do you want to get your pre-marriage husband back? It will take you 10-15 minutes.

That is exactly how long it took me. So, when you start thinking about your man as “that lazy bastard”, time for you to get to work. There are two ways, they are equally effective.

For both of them you need pen and paper.

First strategy is a positive transformation. Ask yourself and start writing down the answers:

  •  Why I fell in love with him in the first place?
  •  What still attracts me?
  •  What did he do this week to make me smile?
  •  Isn’t he cute with this new haircut?
  •  What I am grateful for?
  •  Why I am happy that we met?
  •  Why he is the perfect match for me?
  •  How I can express all my love to him now?

Put this list of paper on your mirror/in the diary and remember how much you love him.

Second strategy is a negative transformation. Imagine and start writing down: How from here your relationships and the whole life scenario can go worse and worse.

  • If you are not happy with his body, imagine how he puts more and more weight, and he is now already 200kg and you have to give up your career to care for him because he now is so dependent on you that he threatens to commit a suicide if you leave him, so you have to care for this mess of a person, wipe his bum and etc.
  • Or, if he is not earning enough, imagine that he lost even his current job and all his family is blaming you, now you have to support him financially because he is drinking heavily and taking drugs. And if you leave him now, he will just become destitute and homeless. Don’t spare the gloomiest colours, add the worst things you can imagine.

Imagined? Wrote down? Now burn this paper and never think about it again. So it is quite good already?

He is actually charming and his cheeky smile still melts your heart.

The husband is changed. Instantly.


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