Want A Guy To Tell The Truth? Text Him

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Study shows we're more likely to reveal sensitive info via text than through a phone conversation.

Some may say there is a downside to our tendency to text, but there are plenty of perks associated with simple SMS messages. Thanks to sexting, you could be in a crowded room but still telling your boyfriend all the dirty things you want to do to him later. And, on the tamer (and potentially less harmful) side, texts are the best way to get someone to reveal the truth.

When comparing actual phone calls to conversations via text, researchers found that texting was a better venue for honest and candid responses. In short, people were more likely to reveal sensitive information when they could type it. Apparently, text messages come with a certain feeling of anonymity, so people are less likely to fudge the truth when revealing secrets. Plus, texting allows a person more time to compose a thoughtful answer, whereas phone etiquette typically doesn't allow for long pauses.

The study also revealed that multitasking (or simply being in a busy, distracting environment) makes someone even more inclined to tell the truth. Ultimately, the takeaway is if you want the guy you're seeing to spill the beans, shoot him a text while he's consumed with the current race for the Stanley Cup. Or even a Game of Thrones marathon. It's seriously fool-proof (but if it doesn't work, please blame the researchers).

Do you think guys are more honest via text message?

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