Love Bytes: 14 Signs You're Awful At Sex

bad sex

Plus: Is this a date or a marriage interview?

Sure, sometimes the people we're with could be a little better at pleasing us, but we're great at sex. Right!? When you get a second, have a look at these 14 signs someone could be lousy in bed and leave them for your less-than-adept boo to read when he snoops on your browsing history later. (iVillage)

All dates are sort of mutual interviews, but here are 6 tip-offs that he/she is interviewing you for marriage. (The Frisky)

This Tennessee man has 30 kids and is sort of struggling with child support. (Good Men Project)

A Canadian museum pulled an animated video of teen masturbation. (Huffington Post)

There are at least 15 things you shouldn't do while dating online, excluding quoting Buffalo Bill from The Silence Of The Lambs. (CollegeCandy)

It's wedding season! What do you do when you and your ex show up at the same one? (Betty Confidential)

Which Marvel Comics hero is gonna have a gay wedding? (The FW)

Who is your favorite dad from TV, film or literature? (Parenting.com)

What are the real signs that a guy is just using you? (Gurl)

What does Zach Morris have to say about dating? (TresSugar)

Is a post-date questionnaire a good idea? You know, to figure out what you have to work on. (GuySpeed)

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