Never Heard From Your Date Again? 4 Things To Remember

Love, Heartbreak

You thought things were going perfectly. Until he completely stopped returning your calls.

The third date was perfect. You laughed, you flirted, your hands grazed as you both reached for the cheesiest nacho.

Eight days later — nothing. They haven't called or answered your text(s). You've been checking their Facebook profile so sadly you're sure they were not a victim of a tragic accident en route to dropping off flowers or serenading you outside of your window with an iPod dock and the latest episode of This American Life.

You haven't just been slow-faded. You've been Houdini-ed. But hey, at least you're not letting it get you down, right Crazy Eyes? And you're definitely not about to text them again just to make sure they got your last few calls and text messages since, you know, your phone has been acting kind of weird all week? After all, you're keeping the following in mind…

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