What Do You Get When You Combine Online Dating & The Bar Scene?

couple wine in bar

Match.com's new program is bringing its single members together through live social events.

I've always wished there was a way to combine the two very different worlds that I've come to know and love: the Manhattan bar scene and online dating. While one is filled with hot shoes, delicious drinks and great music, the other is ripe with single, attractive and commitment-ready guys actively looking for a girl like me to date

Why couldn't someone just open an exclusive bar where the bouncer only let in hot, single people looking for more than a one-night stand? Then we could all meet and mingle in one place, no clicking through profiles necessary! Dating Disaster: He Froze My Match.com Account

Well, Match.com must have been wanting the same thing as me, because the online dating site just launched a new program that sounds like a figment of my imagination. It's called "The Stir," and it gives Match.com members the chance to meet and "click" with one another in-person at happy hours, wine tastings, cooking classes, bowling nights and more live events.

Currently being held in about 20 U.S. cities (New York included), Stir is designed to get you up, out and connecting with single people face-to-face, the way I've always thought it should be. By September 2012, thousands of these events will be happening nationwide.

Yeah, my original bar concept has just been blown out of the water.

Match.com President Mandy Ginsberg explains: "Our mission has always been to help single people have more success at meeting new people, in order to give them a better chance of starting a relationship. Now the advent of new technologies has allowed us to leverage our massive national membership scale to meaningfully expand the extent and nature of the positive impact we can have, and to make it more fun and natural along the way." 10 Online Dating Tips From The Master Of Old-School Etiquette

Genius idea, Ms. Ginsberg. I've never liked trying to guess if that attractive guy across the bar talking to his buddies is single, and I never feel chemistry with anyone I interact with online until we meet on the first date. This program sounds like it will kill both of those birds with one very fun stone.

If you're itching to try out one of these events for yourself, just sign up for one in your area through Match.com (you can even bring a friend if liquid courage is not enough). And, if they're not available in your city just yet, you may want to look into how expensive a bar permit would be. All I ask is that you name at least one drink after me for giving you the idea.

Tell us: Would you try a Stir event?

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