Love Bytes: How To Know Whether You're Bisexual

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Plus, 7 signs you're having "epic" sex and 6 types of wedding dates.

So, you've figured out that you really like being tied (or tying up others) when doing sex stuff. Congratulations on the epiphany. Now, where do you find like-minded people? If you're in Los Angeles, you should check out DomCon. (Huffington Post)

Language-usage is very important for making dating work. (eHarmony)

9 ways to make "self-abuse" better (how much more pleasurable can it really get?) (CollegeCandy)

You think you may be bisexual: Now what do you do? (The Stir)

Whoa. Are The Bachelor/Bachelorette racist in their selection process? We haven't seen many Inuit contestants, have we? (The Daily Beast)

You think the sex was epic, but how can you really be sure? 7 signs to confirm it. (The Gloss)

What happens when your coworker digs your boyfriend? (TresSugar)

She decided to stop giving her boyfriend "husband privileges." Are we talking anal? (Madame Noire)

Most women aren't crazy. Some are, but let's not judge the whole barrel based on a couple of moldy apples. (Good Men Project)

There are 6 types of wedding dates. Know them. (The Frisky)

Do you think that dude is really handsome? You may be ovulating. (Glo)

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