If I Had To Do the Last 24 Hours Over . . . .

Love, Sex

This is what happens when I allow girl chatter to take over my life.

by Julie Robinson

Let’s face it: women have a tendency to overkill reflection. We ponder the “what ifs” to such a degree we talk ourselves into believing all sorts of nonsense. Only a woman would believe, for example, that the reason her man didn’t come home when he said he would was because he was in some horrible accident. The real reason the cute online guy didn’t write you back? Because he accidentally deleted that carefully constructed email you sent, so you had better send him another one—just in case. No phone call? Broken/dead/lost/stolen phone. Pluh-eeeeese.

While it’s true that I rarely feel guilty about anything (I’m not Catholic, after all) occasionally I will regret a few things that just happen to pop out of my mouth OR wish I had avoided doing something-or-other OR totally agonize over some stupid shit I could have experienced if only . . . .

Take these last 24 hours, for instance. I had an absolutely wonderful, successful day and I’m still racking my brain over how much better it would have been had I done things just a wee bit differently. Then I think about how much better my whole life would be if I didn’t repeat some of the same patterns that surface almost on a daily basis. THEN I worry over all of the bullshit things I have absolutely no control over but kinda secretly believe I can affect.

Here is what I wish I had handled differently or avoided all together in the last day or so:

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