Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart episode 7 By:

Love, Heartbreak

First thing he asked; how was your last night? I saw Claire walking towards us and started feeling a

Continued from episode 6

First thing he asked; how was your last night? I saw Claire walking towards us and started feeling a little fidgety.

Claire smiled and said good morning as if nothing happened. I had a sigh of relief and we started our day in the office. I was sipping my coffee and thinking why I am becoming an emotion fool; why can't I behave like a normal guy who can have good time with girls. Text on my mobile took me out of my thoughts and Claire sent a sorry and sad smiley.

I need to forget Becky and live my own life full of fun and excitement. After giving a last thought, I decided to have fun from now and not to carry burden of past relationship.

Replied back to Claire to meet up for lunch and it's on me. Soon it was 12:30 and I wanted to go only with Claire, so we could have some privacy. We were in group of colleagues and couldn't have any time to talk with Claire.

Claire is quite good looking and I liked the way she took initiative yesterday. It was 5:30 pm everyone left for home. As I was walking towards station; I realised my attraction towards Claire and I just sent text to Claire. “Wana spend evening with u, tell me ur place or mine?” Didn't received any answer and I reached home. After half an hour received a message “I m on my way and treat me well”.

I took a quick shower and decided to take Claire for a curry in my local Indian restaurant. Door bell rang and Claire was on the door wearing a blue satin dress and was look just awesome; with out a second thought I went forward to kiss her but she put her cheek on the side.

Claire: Are you going to cheer me up today or apologise for yesterday?
Me: Today it's another evening and yesterday is past. I am taking you for a curry in restaurant.

We were walking on the road but did not said a single word. May be showing dis-pleasure to each other. I decided to break the silence.

Me: I wanted some time with you but couldn't say anything in lunch time in front of every one.
Claire: I think you said enough of times that you still love Becky.

We reached to the Taj restaurant and sat down in one side corner. It wasn't busy but ambience was amazing and with a light music of flute. As we sat down on the table before we talk about anything; I said sorry for behaving immaturely.

Claire: What is different now; why you are sorry?
Me: I like the way you kissed and cared for me yesterday and regret not let it happen through.

Claire: Is that all?
Me: To be honest started liking you; may be attracted to you.

We finished our meal and as we were walking on the way. Our hands touched few times and that touch was warm. Claire was looking gorgeous and just took her hand in my hand. Claire let it happen with out any resistance but I could feel it was me who was holding but she wasn't.

Me: Can I have those moments back from yesterday?
Claire: But you still love Becky and I don't love you.

Me: That was my past and I realized. You care for me and I know this.
Before even Claire could say anything I put my lips on her lips....

Will continue in next episode next Saturday...

With Love