Love Bytes:
 10 Things Husbands Should Never Say

man tape mouth

Plus, how close is your guy to his female BFF?

Sometimes men say insensitive things. Just because he's in a loving and successful relationship doesn't mean he doesn't periodically say things that make you want to bite your own ears off to never have to hear him again. What did not make the list: "Wow, your sister really has it all, doesn't she?" 10 things a husband should never, ever say. (The Stir)

Gymnast? More like gymnasty. What men really think about our flexibility in bed. (Em & Lo)

6 tales of sex being awkwardly interrupted. Please don't let any of them happen during a 69. (The Frisky)

Speaking of … the etiquette of orally pleasuring a woman. (CollegeCandy)

Does he love video games a lil too much? How to handle a Peter Pan. (Madame Noire)

A Minnesota man tied himself to a tree with his junk hanging out, with the hope that someone would stop by and put it inside themselves. Glad it wasn't during a Minnesota winter… (Huffington Post)

At least he didn't die like a Texas man who was lap danced to death. (GuySpeed)

Do you want to earn five whole dollars? Pretend to be this guy's online girlfriend. (LearnVest)

How close is your dude to his female BFF? (TresSugar)

You know who will never, ever leave you for someone better? Porn. (Good Men Project)

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