Caution: This Interview Will Make You Want To Date Jerry Ferrara

Jerry Ferrara YourTango Exclusive

The single "Battleship" actor talks chivalry, dating in LA and how he wants to court the right gal.

What has life been like for you career-wise after Entourage?
It's been really good with big movies like Battleship and Think Like a Man. I'm auditioning for a lot of things. I still jump through some hoops and wait to see if I got my next job. I just want challenging roles.

What's going on with the new Entourage film? Is it happening?
It's being worked on as we speak. Doug Ellin is working on a script right now. Once it's done, it will move pretty fast. I must be asked 10,000 a day about the Entourage film, which I love. It shows me that people really do miss the show and the guys.

Do you miss the series?
I really miss it. This is the first year we're not shooting right now for a new summer season. I keep walking around thinking, "I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, Turtle!" I do talk to the other guys all the time. Those guys are my family. We talk and text almost every day. Sound Off: Which Entourage Character Would You Sleep With?

Will Turtle ever get a love interest that sticks around and doesn't jump to the dump?
Turtle needs a solid relationship. He's had a few girlfriends over the course of the episodes. He has yet to be successful at a relationship. Maybe it's time for a little success. He didn't even get a girlfriend until season six, so Turtle should get some real love now. He waited long enough. He's a sweet guy. Let's give Turtle some affection!

Tell us: Do you agree with Jerry that chivalry is on life support? Are you going to go see Battleship?

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