Love Bytes: Take The 7-Day Sex Challenge!

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Plus, six things your man just doesn't care about.

You know how some things really can't be appreciated in translation? Beyond James Joyce, it turns out that some things can be appreciated exactly as they are intended, despite barriers of culture and language and decency. Ads from other countries promoting safe sex (sometimes featuring giant scorpions) sometimes miss the mark, but they make all of us think about never, ever doing it again. (The Daily Beast)

Didja hear about the 7-Day Sex Challenge? GET IT ON! (The Stir)

Now there's a whiskey-flavored lube. And here I thought all whiskey was lube… (GuySpeed)

Her boyfriend of four years won't say, "I love you." DTMFA. (TresSugar)

There are six things that you may be sweating, but he just doesn't give a rip about. (Madame Noire)

A dirty-dancing couple gets Lysol-ed at prom. (Huffington Post)

Does it matter to dudes if a lady can cook? (The Gloss)

Was Obama's gay marriage semi-bombshell the most tweeted thing ever? What about that bin Laden thing... (Tecca)

The pain and humiliation of breaking your wife's heart. (Good Men Project)

And, don't think of it as liking your best friend's lady; think of it as hating your best friend. (Nerve)

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