Get Your Preakness On! 3 Tips For Hooking Up At The Horse Races

Preakness kiss

Three golden rules for keeping your cool -- and still getting some -- at the horse races this year.

As the Preakness race heats up in Baltimore, the infield parties are getting hot too. Over on online dating site HowAboutWe, Preakness veteran Rich Santos writes: "Growing up in Baltimore, I've attended many infield parties at the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness. Something about that infield makes us all behave like heathens. Don't get me wrong — it's a good time (even though it feels a bit like a war zone). Hook-ups abound, and there are plenty of opportunities to merge with the opposite sex." 

So even if you didn't make it to Preakness this year (or, say, have no idea what it is because you live somewhere like California) if you want to get lucky while partying at a horse race, follow Rich's three golden rules. They really boil down to: "Be classy," but we'll let you see for yourself.

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Image courtesy of The Baltimore Sun's Darkroom blog, from the photo gallery: Infield Insanity: Preakness Debauchery Through The Years.