Talk The Talk: Is Bragging As Good As Sex?

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Harvard researchers have determined that talking about yourself is similar to orgasm.

I'm pretty sure the eggheads at Harvard are the only people who could come up with something like this. A study has revealed that the same part of the brain which is responsible for making sex feel good is also gratified by bragging. Harvard scientists Diana Tamir and Jason Mitchell performed MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) on subjects (not Yalies, obviously) and revealed that the meso-limbic dopamine system lights the funk up when a person gets to talk about themselves. 

By now we're all familiar with the meso-limbic dopamine system effect on feeling good. It floods our brain with happy sauce. The feel-good thing most associated with a dopamine dump is the pleasure of sex, particularly orgasm. Some addiction specialists link other highs to manipulation of the meso-limbic dopamine system, such as drug use, eating and monetary rewards. However, this is likely the first time that talking about yourself (outside of that awfully catchy Toby Keith song) has been shown to be as dandy as getting randy. Frankly, we should consider taking this study with a grain of salt, considering where it was conducted and that it deals with bragging. How often have you spoken with someone from Harvard and not known after 60 seconds where they matriculated? I'd suggest they stop using the University Of Virginia or the state of Connecticut as testing grounds. Maybe start with some schools that highlight their value as a safety school in their brochure and then move on to a country with minimal national pride like Svenborgia.

In all seriousness, I suppose this finding can't be that much of a surprise. Awkward, self-centered post-coital pillow talk is probably just a way to manage the comedown after sex. I'd love to see a study that compares the pleasure of talking smack about other people to the pleasure of doing it. Haters gonna copulate. 

P.S. I just had sex.

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