5 Unique Wedding Ring Ideas


Ditch the diamonds and consider these fun wedding ring alternatives!

When you hear the words "wedding ring," what's the first image that pops into your mind? If it's a diamond, you're not alone. Diamonds and wedding rings come together so often that they're almost synonymous. But it wasn't always this way, and it doesn't have to stay this way, either.

Whether you're concerned about blood diamonds, would rather save your money for other things, or are looking to add a little more personality to a ring you'll presumably be wearing for the rest of your life, there are number of ways you can get creative.

1. Get Your Color On. It's difficult to beat the vibrant, full colors of rubies and sapphire rings. Ruby rings range from light pink to deep red, with those on the darker side commanding a higher price tag. Sapphires are much more diverse, available in blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange or green.

Together, sapphires and rubies offer a much diverse look than diamonds, which typically are clear, blue or black. Ruby and sapphire rings have been the preference of royalty for centuries, including the recently married Kate Middleton. But if cost is an issue, synthetics like red garnets offer a good solution.

2. Get Customized. You and your partner are unique. Why shouldn't your rings be as well? Take one look around Etsy and it's easy to see just how many talented jewelry makers are out there, hungry for new projects. If your heart is set on matching wedding bands, this is by far the best way to go.

A good jewelry maker will listen to your design preferences no matter how wacky and help you create the rings of your dreams. How to find such a person? Just Google jewelry makers in your area or beyond and you're sure to find an affordable option. You'll also find websites that will allow you to mix and match template designs and materials at a reasonable rate.

3. Embrace Your Inner Steel. Stainless steel isn't just an affordable option. It also looks great. A thick tungsten ring can also provide a very striking look, and it's much more durable than steel or titanium. All three metals are highly moldable, making them ideal for complicated custom designs.

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