Herbal Sex Anyone?


It’s great isn’t it?
You spend your whole life scrambling around trying to find a way to achieve your life’s goals; you get busy, over-worked, as stressed and as taut as a guitar string and what do you (and your partner, who is in the same boat) get as reward for all this monumental effort? You go off having sex completely.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way…in fact, I KNOW I’m not alone in feeling this way: the patterns around sex in everyday life are all too common. Isn’t it just crazy the way we simply toss away the thing we love to do most because we’re either too tired or worried about tomorrow’s meeting or the fact the bed just becomes a place to lay your head.

The problem is, we can’t help it.

“Goodnight darling.” “Goodnight darling.” A click of the bedside light and that’s it: another night goes by with neither of you even remotely interested in ‘getting it on’. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO US??

My partner and I miss sex terribly (at least we do when we actually think about it) and, after a long overdue heart to heart about our sexual relationship, we decided that it was time to do something about our waning interest. It was clear our respective libidos had been shot to bits after years of 9 to 5 grafting and this had left us both wanting sleep far more than sex. Love making had become something we only watched on the TV.
After some gentle persuasion from a very close friend who recognized our situation, we sought an answer by venturing into the world of herbal aphrodisiacs. This seemed to me to be a place of unfulfilled promises to begin with: I never really truly believed that a bunch of weeds was going to actually kick-start my love life. After a bit of online investigation, however, the possibilities of what a bit of herbal intervention could do started opening up to the both of us.

At first, the array of herbal aphrodisiac choices designed to help women and men get their ‘mojo’ back was quite bewildering. I had clearly heard of Ginseng before but I wasn’t expecting to be confronted with the likes of Horny Goat Weed or Tribulus Terrestris. (The image of goats wandering around all fired up after a light breakfast on the hillside still troubles me now…) The trick now was to see whether any of these would actually work for us.

I had decided to steer clear of the usual prescription based suspects which constantly invade my enjoyment of the golf channel and other such programs. I’m well aware the likes of Viagra work perfectly well from a functional sense but what I needed was something that gave my back my energy…my desire: not just a massive, long-lasting stiffy.

In her search, my partner had stumbled upon a number of all natural female libido enhancement products of which http://hersolutionreviews.co/hersolution-gel-reviews/ appeared to do the trick in getting her flame reignited. While she was now all go, go, go, I had to road test my sample collection of herbal remedies.
Safe to say, both my partner and I had a great deal of fun finding out which herbal aphrodisiacs were going to suit us the best. My earlier skepticism evaporated as I quickly rediscovered a growing need, and a growing urgency, to get back to making love.

It was a wonderful journey: a reawakening, safe in the knowledge that even if the herbal aphrodisiacs failed to register any response in me, they were less likely to harm me than any modern day pharmaceutical. I jumped from herb to herb – L-Arginine to Yohimbe, and it was suddenly like I was now the guy on the TV getting all the action. Happy days!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to get an award for ‘Stud of the Year’ but it is amazing what rediscovering your love of making love can do for a person. Thanks to our ‘herbal trials’ with natural aphrodisiacs, we are both more positive about things because we know there’s a release valve available at the end of each day: and that’s our new, reinvigorated sex life.