Beautiful Pieces of my Broken Heart episode 6 By:

Love, Heartbreak

Feeling strange but double minded, should I kiss or just stop here. But Claire was looking pretty

Continued from episode 5

...Feeling strange but double minded, should I kiss or just stop here. But Claire was looking pretty and very attractive at that moment.

In those few seconds I have thought about tens of things about me and Becky. Our first kiss after the night out; when me and Becky kissed first time walking on the street holding hand in hand. I can still imagine that fragrance Becky was wearing that day which was enlightening and charming me. It was so satisfying sniffing floral and woody notes from her ears and neck while touching her hairs. Probably that was the first time I made up my mind for Becky and kissed her patiently with my eyes closed and for don't know how long? Just realised now I was with Claire and we were locking our lips and I felt like an electric shock went through me.

Me: Sorry Claire; I am so sorry. I can't do this.
Claire: Just chill it's OK. What's wrong with you why you are so upset?

Me: I still love Becky; I can't do this. That's wrong.
Claire: Wake up; you are not with Becky any more. She has dumped you and I do like you. Just relax.

Me: Sorry I got to go. I am going.
Claire: You are not going any where. Come on sweetie just relax and forget about Becky.

I don't know; I have done right thing or it was wrong but I left Claire's place in haste. I started walking along the road waiting for a cab and was thinking about the first night me and Becky spent together. We were walking on the street holding hands and cherishing each other's company and feeling blissful. We lived in the same building for years but went out first time together. It use to be just a hello or a smile between us for years; probably never thought about asking out.

First time we actually met and talked after a seminar on social networking and influence on society. After that when ever we bumped in to each other it was more than a hello and some times talked about the society and IT effect on it. It was not long when we sat down for a coffee when Becky was working on her article about social networking and online dating. That was the first time I came to knew that Becky was a journalist and writer.

It was past midnight; got cab to home and I was regretting that kiss with Claire. May be I hurt her or made her feel bad. As I reached home and I was so tired and crashed straight in bed.

It was 7am and I was getting ready to go to work. Don't know how I will face Claire and what she will be thinking about me. I lost girl friend two days back but now I did not want another good friend turning the back on me. With a long breath I decided to stop thinking about all this and just relax and live my own life. So I stepped out of my building and put a brave smile on my face and started walking towards the underground station. I reached a little early to work and grabbed a roll and coffee on the way and bumped in to Nick.

First thing he asked; how was your last night? I saw Claire walking towards us and started feeling a little fidgety.

Will continue in next episode next Saturday...

with Love