In Time For Mother's Day, Hillary Clinton Recalls Mom's Struggles

Hillary Clinton
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed her mother's past of abuse on Thursday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quieted a room of nearly 2,300 people on Thursday with a story of her mother's girlhood struggles, while speaking at a New York Women's Foundation breakfast in Manhattan.

As a girl, Clinton's mother, Dorothy Rodham, grew up in a home of neglect and abuse, Clinton said. At 8 years old, Rodham escorted her younger sister to California by train, alone, to reside with their paternal grandparents. She worked as a nanny for money, and excelled at high school, but college was financially impossible.

"When I was old enough to understand, I asked how was it that you didn't become embittered," Clinton said. She said, "At critical points in my life, somebody showed me kindness and gave me help."

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