Love Bytes: 15 Reasons Not To Get Married


Plus, lessons from HBO's "Girls" about breakups.

Some people call the swinging bachelor the envy of the entire world. He answers to no one. He folds his clothes because he wants to. He can return calls when he feels like it. He can lay in bed until 2 p.m. on a Sunday, and no one will know the difference except his butler Jeeves, and Jeeves is a very crusty body pillow. It turns out, however, than being a single dude is "interesting," but highly overrated. (Good Men Project)

A man in Oklahoma called 911 17 times ... to talk dirty. (Huffington Post)

Five wedding DJs discuss their favorite ridiculous wedding stories. (Guyism)

Just how much oral sex should there be in a relationship? Should there even be a "should"? (Em & Lo)

Expressing anger is actually pretty good for you. (YouBeauty)

The 800-pound bride in the room. (Huffington Post)

Some people think you should only have sex when you want to. Interesting. Let's explore this further. (The Gloss)

A Harvard University study says the same part of the brain that likes sex and money also likes bragging (probably about sex and money). (

That show Girls has some cringe-worthy lessons about breakups. (TresSugar)

Seven things a guy can say that makes him deserve a fake phone number. (Madame Noire)

And, 15 reasons never to get married. I suspect some sarcasm. (The Stir)

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