Wear THIS—(Oh, God! Not THAT) on a First Date


A list of "What Not to Wear on a Date"--on steroids . . . .

by Julie Robinson

Those happy couples always get me. This is especially true when I’m working retail and the giddy beyond fucking belief duos wander in together holding hands. The difference this time was that I recognized her. Sometimes this who-has-a-memory-like-that gift is a curse (like when I recognize students from years ago when they are completely inebriated) but in this case it was a gift.

The female half of the smiling pair had been a customer of mine a couple of years ago when I worked downtown at a women’s clothing store. At that time she was very nervous about a barbeque she had been invited to by a new love prospect. I literally had her try on about thirty outfits before we found that perfect match. A few weeks later, I had the chance to ask her how the barbeque had gone when she wandered back for more clothes. She was a little shocked but pleased that I had remembered her date. Her beaming smile said it all.

I didn’t ask her about her wedding when she showed up in the boutique once again last week. It was clear that we both recognized each other, and I’m positive that her current beau (they were wearing rings) had been the man with the grill two years ago—but I didn’t want to scare the living daylights out of her with my frightening memory.

So, even though I’m not an expert on landing a man OR getting one to propose to me OR dressing for corporate America—I do know what to wear on a first date. What’s more, I know what NOT to wear on a first date. Curious if you’re doing it right? Check out my pointers:

1. When in Doubt Choose Feminine—What this means is if you are debating between Daisy Dukes and a knee length flowing skirt for a casual brunch, go with the more girlie of the two. Sure, cut off shorts with your ass hanging out has its appeal if you’ve been dating someone for a while and your plan is to weed your garden for three hours before showering off your dirt together, but it is not the right choice for a date with a new guy.

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