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How Can I Be "Happily Single" When I Hate Being Single?


Is "happily single" an oxymoron?

The Spinsterlicious Life --the title of my book and blog-- is about the joys and realities of being a single woman.  Whether a woman is single by choice or by circumstance, a great life should be hers.  The time spent fretting about what you don't have (a man) would be much better spent celebrating what you do have.   That's my philosophy.  

But I know a few people who don't agree with me.  My book is about being "happily single", and they take issue with that.  As one friend said to me: "I'm not Spinsterlicious.  I don't want to learn to be happily single because I don't want to be single."  I get that; I understand that she doesn't want to be single.  What confuses me though is what she thinks the alternative is?  She's single.  She doesn't want to be, but she is.  The way I see it, she can be single and happy -or- single and unhappy.  Those really are her only two choices because the option of being married has not presented itself yet.  

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