Relationship Fail: It's Been Two Hours – I Miss You SO Much

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Love, Heartbreak

They go to the same school, but the nanoseconds this couple spends apart feel like torture.

Long-distance relationships are arguably the hardest – the days and months a couple spends apart can really take a toll on their connection, trust and dedication. It's a tough situation.

So, anyone who's in a real LDR probably doesn't appreciate it when they see a Relationship Fail like this. The reader who submitted the following Facebook post explains that this young couple goes to the same university, "But if you look at their Facebook posts, you'd think they're on different planets and never get to see each other!" Ladies and gentleman, Exhibit A...

How much do you want to bet these two are English majors? They use such descriptive, heavy words! "Eternity," "Unbearable," "Extraneous" – that's Emotional Writing 101. And, for all the other couples who spend the bulk of their time at least 3000 miles away from each other, total bullsh*t. 

"Awwwwwww, see you in class at 3!" Relationship Fail: Can I Play With Your Boobs?

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