ladies: never date this type of men for serious relationship


serious ladies deserve the best from men.ladies are like treasures and should be treated as such.

Relationship is a task and a very huge task. If you wish to date a guy, there are certain type of men you should never date for any serious relationship. hope you know that a serious relationship may well lead to marriage so, dating the right type of men would help to save you ladies lots of tears and heart breaks. I hope you adhere to this relationship advice and save yourself the time and emotional catastrophe. It's very important to draw a straight line between serious relationship and those that are not. The dream of every woman is to fall in love with a well behave man but some ladies usually make this mistake of believing that a bad guy will change some day simply because they are in love. I’m not disputing the fact that he may change some day but it doesn’t worth the risk some times. You can date all kinds of men but never date this type of a man;
A man who is fond of drinking at the bar; One day, he will drink and beat you up.
A man who smokes too much; he is likely going to die sooner than expected!
A man who is easily angry: he may unleash on you someday!
A man who speed so much while driving; he is likely going to kill you both by auto accident.
A man who hates challenges; he is likely going to give up on you sooner than expected. I mean, he is likely going to leave you someday!
A man who cannot control his sexual desire; he will definitely cheat on you with your sister when you are pregnant!
A man who talks too much; he is likely going to forget your birth date, marriage date, vow date, first time date etc. you know it's very romantic to have a man who remembers all these dates because he values you.
A man who likes going to parties too much; he is likely going to come back home one day with a party girl and I hope you know what that means.
A man who hardly tells you that you are beautiful; he is likely going to get tired of you sooner than expected. You ladies need to get that admiration that makes you people appear special so, you need a man who adores you. are you with me?
A man who is fond of screaming at you; he is likely going to cause you hypertension some day and at the end he would say; 'I'm sorry babe' to me, that's medicine after death.
A man who likes to blame but hates to be blamed; he is likely going to call you a mistake someday.
A man who eats too much; he is likely going to eat your flesh the day you fail to prepare food for him, kind of funny though.
A man who is fond of looking at other ladies; he is likely going start admiring your mother one day. Believe me ladies, I know what I'm talking about.
A man who is selfish; he will never satisfy you sexually and will never consider doing so, even when you talk about it, he would scream at you!!!
Well, some men possess one or two or some of these characters while some possess all of them! Whichever one, please, ladies, run for your life if you find a man of these characters. I hope you enjoyed the funny truth, share with your friends right away because other ladies need to know of this .