Love Bytes: A Long History Of Strange Sex Laws

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Plus, would you date someone beneath you?

The world is full of weird sex laws. It turns out that since the dawn of recorded time, lawmakers were very concerned with who was getting it on and why. Evidently, people are very concerned with age of consent. (Huffington Post)

Some people just like weird pornography. (Good Men Project)

Would you date someone beneath you? (The Gloss)

Is Joe Biden signaling that the Obama administration is going to back gay marriage? (The Daily Beast)

13 reasons you will not be getting a great Mother's Day gift this year. (The FW)

Good sex should last 10 minutes? (TheStir)

Is there such thing as feminist porn? (Em & Lo)

How bad would you feel about stealing someone's boyfriend? (The Frisky)

Some dating red flags you can overlook in your 20s that you shouldn't in your 30s. (Madame Noire)

Would you want a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring? (Learn Vest)

Her 40-year old live-in boyfriends wants to get married now. (Tres Sugar)

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